Lithium carbonate is likely to open at the upper limit and close at the lower limit on Monday. My layout of 10,000 yuan lithium carbonate selling rights will make a profit of 9.8 times. The real account is as follows.

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If lithium carbonate closes at the upper limit next Monday, it will be the best time to place selling rights. The first choice is p73000, followed by p83000.

Yesterday, although lithium carbonate closed the board, the closing volume of 2401 increased from 40,000 to 60,000. However, smart funds with foresight began to arrange selling rights. Half an hour before the closing in the afternoon, p73000 rose from 310 to 490, while p83000 The increase was even higher, from 930 to 1750, nearly doubling. On the contrary, the purchase option began to dive, and c13000 fell from the daily limit of 10530 to 8000.

Everyone must be surprised that lithium carbonate has reached the daily limit and the number of closed orders has increased. On the contrary, the selling rights have doubled and the call rights have fallen.

In fact, many investors have begun to expect that lithium carbonate may open at the upper limit and close at the lower limit next Monday.

Theoretically, if the put option laid out yesterday afternoon, if the underlying price drops to the limit, the profit will be more than 10 times.

The doomsday purchase of lithium carbonate increased 710 times in two days, second only to the historical copper purchase of 980 times.

Lithium carbonate has surprised buyers in the past two days, and it cannot be ruled out that it will surprise buyers again next Monday.

Let’s wait and see. . . .

In any case, the real biggest winners are the short sellers. Among them, Hengli made a huge profit of 256 million, and his family suffered the worst, losing 271 million.

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